Breakfast seminar: Follow the Money - War, Climate and Tax Havens

fredag 16. juni 2023, kl. 08:30
Kulturhuset + Livestream on Facebook
Kirkens Nødhjelp, Forum for utvikling og miljø, Tax Justice Norge, Fingo og Oxfam Ibis

Russian oligarchs escape sanctions and companies cut down the rainforest aided by tax havens. Illicit financial flows are inextricably linked to the world’s largest crises and can prevent us from effectively solving these problems.

Tax havens offer secrecy and the opportunity to minimise tax for companies and rich individuals. This at the cost of our safety, nature and the climate, and our ability to finance health, education and welfare.

The consequences are felt by all the world's countries, but particularly affect poor countries.


Deforestation in Amazonas and secrecy through tax havens

– Victor Galaz, Stockholm Resilience Centre.

War, oligarchs and the offshore financial system

– Brooke Harrington, Professor of Sociology and author of “Capital without Borders: Wealth Managers and the One Percent”

Why do we need a tax convention?

– Markus Meinzer, Director of Policy, Tax Justice Network

– Aksel Jacobsen, Director Department of Communiaction and Policy, Norwegian Church Aid

The event will be moderated by Peter Ringstad from Tax Justice Norway.

How can Norway show leadership?

– Daniel Gimenez, Senior Policy Advisor, Division of partnership and development analysis, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Free breakfast and coffee will be served from 08:00. The program will start at 08:30.

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